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In Russia, created a "smart windows" with remote control climate control

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Russian scientists representing the University "MISA", has developed a new technology for the production of glass that transmits light and thus to trap heat. The proposed innovation makes it possible to carry out adjustment of the climate in the room with the remote.Development can minimize the loss of such an important house in winter warmth. At the same time, with the onset of the hot period, you can create an additional barrier to permeation through the glass into the room heat.


One of the developers of "smart" glasses, it was noted that the cause of heat loss in buildings are even perfectly sealed windows. Warms the room heating starts to give some of the heat the cold glass, which sometimes significantly lowers the temperature of the air in the room.


Minimize heat loss of confidence in a special gradient metamaterials, which are nanofilms deposited on the surface of the glass. Due to such technology infrared radiation is blocked and the window lets in only the light rays.

Source: http://www.steklosouz.ru/news/show&id=3328Author: shangyi

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