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Plant "Stekloteh" preparing to collect empties

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According to the general director of the plant "Stekloteh" Elena Ostryagina, one of the main production reserves - is the collection of glass, the project in the Tyumen region will be launched in the near future.The Russian market of glass is not experiencing the best of times. Demand for products is far from stable and there are several reasons. According to Elena Ostryagina plays a role seasonality of demand and difficult situation in the beer market - according to Rosstat data for the period from 2008 to 2013 beer market declined by more than 30 percent.


According to the head of the company, the launch of the plant took place in the period of falling demand for their products, but the release of containers made of glass, the quality of which is comparable to the premium segment, helped earn the company name of a reliable and high-quality supplier. As one of the areas of enterprise development, to ensure its quality raw materials, Elena sees Ostryagina assembly of glass.


Developed all the components of the process - from the collection of used bottles in special containers to the initial sorting in the production and further processing.


Elena Ostryagina confident that "in the near future project to collect empties in the Tyumen region we run. Though not in large volume, start with small ".

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