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VNIINM developed X-ray lenses of high accuracy

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Specialists of the All-Russian Research Institute of Inorganic Materials Bochvar (VNIINM enters the fuel company of state corporation "Rosatom" FE) developed a method for producing ultra high purity beryllium - material needed to create the so-called X-ray lenses, allowing high-precision study the structure of matter at the nanoscale with using synchrotron radiation.This radiation occurs when accelerated to near-light speed charged particles change the speed or direction of motion under the influence of a magnetic field, for example in a ring accelerator - synchrotron. The wavelength of synchrotron radiation X-rays are, but it has a high intensity.


Source synchrotron radiation plays the role of a kind of supermikroskopa - raying on this setup gives scientists the opportunity to "see" the structure of the samples up to the atom. This method is used for research in nanodiagnostics nanomaterials, nanobiotechnology.


Maximum detailed studies of nano-objects can be carried out if the synchrotron radiation is focused. To do this, there are different devices, but the most interesting refractive or refractive X-ray optics. It uses the same principle of focusing, and in that all the lenses of conventional visible light, but differ greatly synchrotron lens shape, instead of glass optical medium they can serve as the metals. The best material for X-ray lenses is considered especially pure beryllium.


"The technology of manufacture of lenses of beryllium complex and expensive, they produce material for an American company, so the products are in short supply, the market is not saturated and tends to rise. Against this background, in VNIINM developed a process for the preparation of ultrafine high-purity beryllium. X-ray optical components and devices from such material will have unique properties. The next step - the creation of manufacturing technology of precision x-ray devices "- the corporate newspaper" Country Rosatom ".


The project started in 2013, when the Baltic Federal University of Kant, one of the partners VNIINM project conducted studies Russian beryllium materials in the European Synchrotron Radiation (ESRF) in Grenoble, French.


VNIINM produced in experimental models of devices X-ray optics and handed them over to the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute", which is Russia's largest synchrotron facility. There, with the help of experts from the Institute of Crystallography of the Shubnikov on the source of synchrotron radiation scientists conducted a set of necessary tests.


In the near future to explore the focusing ability of the experimental samples with respect to X-rays of different energies, the newspaper notes.

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