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Moscow builds import substitution

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The Moscow region is actively developing import substitution. Ready program on agriculture, has big plans for pharmaceuticals. And now the regional Ministry of Construction presented innovative products for the construction industry who are already interested in some regions. Thermal insulation, composite and finishing materials, LED lighting, glass nano - all these developments are designed to improve the energy efficiency of residential and non-residential buildings. And all of this is carried out in the suburbs.

Ministry building complex near Moscow held a public meeting at which manufacturing companies are included in the group "RUSNANO", presented their products - now it takes a commission for the recognition of its innovation. Thus, for example, in the energy saving made Ramenskoye area nano glass, which can reduce the loss of heat in the room is almost doubled. Traditionally, the heat loss from buildings as follows: walls - 30%, the roof - 14%, half - 12%, windows - 44%. A strength of this development was a high selectivity, when the room enters the maximum light quantity, and the penetration of ultraviolet and infrared radiation is minimized. Furthermore, these glasses are provided with self-cleaning coating, which allows them to be washed in five to seven times less than conventional. They can be successfully used in the construction industry and in agriculture for greenhouse glazing.


"Using innovative building materials and technologies, we obtain substantial savings both in the construction phase and the operational phase of objects", - said the head of the construction industry and building materials industry Minstroykompleksa Alex Azar.


Other near Moscow "know-how" - foam glass. This is a universal insulation - lightweight, durable, non-flammable, non-hygroscopic and non-polluting. Foam glass was invented in 1932 - then it was used for thermal insulation of the roof of the hotel "Russia" (by the way, during the demolition of the building revealed that the material did not lose their properties, but not deformed). Due to the extremely high cost of foam glass are not widely used in the USSR, but today it is included in the list of priority technologies recommended for use on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region.


Scope of the material is very wide. In civil engineering foam glass can be used for thermal insulation of foundations and underground structures, for thermal and noise insulation slabs, floors, roofs, balconies, terraces, communications, for land improvement, and as a porous filler for lightweight concrete. Today, built in conjunction with the "Rusnano" near Moscow, the Russian-American company is able to replace imported analogues foam glass at a price of 10-15 times lower than foreign products.


Another Russian company, distribution center is located in the suburbs, produces LED lighting. The principle of operation of the LEDs can be used a minimum of energy with maximum efficiency: energy consumption is reduced by 14 times, and the service life of LED lamps is 50 times longer than traditional - about 12 years. These lamps are resistant to frequent switching on and off, operate stably at varying temperatures ranging from minus 40 to plus 55 degrees. Importantly, they are environmentally friendly and do not require special conditions for recycling because they do not contain mercury, lead, phosphorus. In the Moscow region LEDs will be used to illuminate the model projects of social infrastructure.


Note that innovative products are already interested in some suburban municipalities: novelty want to use in Dzerzhinsk, Zaraysk, Ivanteevka and Shchelkovsky area.


"Import substitution is becoming a necessity for normal business in Russia and the Moscow region in this sense, is no exception. Supporting the use of innovation in construction, and we support our products, and the industry as a whole. A construction as is known - is a locomotive economy. One job in the construction sector creates eight jobs in related industries. This is especially important for the Moscow region, as the area builds most regions of Russia ", - said the Minister of the building complex of the Moscow region Marina Ogloblina.

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