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Ardagh found a cost-effective way of heating cullet

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Ardagh Group, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of packaging made of glass and metal, reported a new method of heating cullet. Quality cullet going to the production of glass, must be high in order to get a quality new product.On admission to the plant for production of glass cullet is usually stored in silos, where it is exposed to climate change, especially in the winter months. On the glass going much water, ice or snow, which requires higher temperatures and hence more energy to melt it.


The plant specialists Ardagh in Nienburg (Germany) found a simple and environmentally efficient solution. It must be preheated before remelting of cullet, with as efficiently as possible, since the conventional process requires a lot of heating energy. The most likely become a resource heat the air around the glass furnaces. The problem was that it transported to the cullet. It was decided that the air temperature of 80 ° C to send a specially designed heat exchanger, wherein its temperature is raised to 120 ° C, after which he enters the silos.


This approach provided the most effective for thawing, drying and preheating cullet. At the plant in Nienburg the annual energy savings amounted to 116,000 euros.

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