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Munchkin, Inc. Launches Line of Pure Glass BPA-Free Bottles

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Mighty Grip® Glass Bottles and Accessories Provide Parents with a Safe Alternative When Feeding Baby

Munchkin, Inc., designer and manufacturer of infant and toddler products, today announced the addition of a new collection of pure glass, BPA-free bottles and silicone accessories to its Mighty Grip® line, which currently features an assortment of easy-to-grip contoured cups and bottles designed to make it simple for little hands to hold. The launch of Munchkin’s new glass bottles comes in response to the growing concern among parents with young children about chemicals leeching from plastic bottles into the bottle contents.

“Through our market research, we have discovered that moms are tired of worrying about which plastic will be banned next and are increasingly concerned with how to safely get nutritional fluids into their children,” says Doug Gillespie, Munchkin Vice President of Marketing. “As confusion and concerns grow about plastics in baby bottles, we believe glass provides the safest, time-tested alternative for parents.”

Munchkin has always been known for bringing a special twist to everyday products, and the new Mighty Grip® glass bottle line is no different. Munchkin’s contemporary take on glass bottles includes sleek lines, easy-to-grip sides and a vented nipple system that helps prevent gas and colic. The brightly-colored silicone sleeve accessories bring even more fashion and function to the line by providing insulation and helping prevent breakage.

The new Mighty Grip additions include:

  • 4 oz. and 8 oz. Mighty Grip Glass Bottles: Made with sturdy, natural glass for worry-free feeding, both sizes have a contoured design making them easier to hold. The Healthflow® Vented Nipple System helps prevent gas and colic and the silicone disc ensures that no plastic touches the contents of the bottle (making it ideal for breast milk storage). 
  • Silicone Sleeve: The brightly-colored new sleeves slide onto glass bottles to insulate, improve grip and help prevent breakage. Sold separately, they fit most standard 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles and come in a variety of colors.

“At Munchkin, we understand that a mom’s primary concern is the wellbeing of her child,” continues Gillespie. “It is our hope that with these pure glass bottles parents will have confidence that whatever they put into the bottle is the only thing that will come out.”

The new Mighty Grip Glass Bottles and accessories will be available at retailers nationwide in January 2009.

Source: Munchkin, Inc.Author: shangyi

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