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At LLC "Tableware" visited the Legislative Assembly

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Borskaya dishes known not only in Russia - a stable demand for it even now, during the sanctions. Nearly eighty percent of the products are delivered to the local market. Technological breakthrough, some products have no analogues in the country, managed to make through investment and demand - due to import substitution. This is an example of effective work of government and business.For the production of glass sand is required, the nitrogen oxide, and calcium and ash. In accordance with the technologies that are used at the plant "Tableware", silica sand imported from the Kharkiv region, the remaining components are delivered in Lower contractual. However, the leadership of the Turkish company decided to locate production in the Nizhny Novgorod region.


Eran Ahmed, General Director of "Housewares" with. Neklyudovo g.o.g.Bor Nizhny Novgorod region: "Working here at Bor earth, we are all your questions, whether it's supply of raw materials, supply of materials or problems with employment, with labor forces, and so on - please contact your local and regional administrations. With the support we are developing. Now we employ 667 people, made up of 120 million units per year. 85 percent - is realized in Russia ... "


Silicate glass runs on seven production lines. In termopechkah cups, glasses, plates burn with a blue flame, drowned in the icy water, and then they are subjected to relentless criticism.


And today it is necessary to save on everything. The crisis is felt in the middle of 2014.. Had to close two ovens - a significant reduction in production volumes, but more importantly, that some employees had to be reduced. But "Tableware" not only survived, but also excelled. Now decommissioned furnace replaced with new, into the hands of the company worked and import substitution strategy, management even decided to launch another line.


At the regional legislative level to support the business, it was decided to impose a moratorium on the obligations of the Investment. On priority investment projects are temporary tax breaks.


The moratorium will last until the end of 2015. This should help investors, deputies of the regional parliament. For example, at the plant in December plans to produce 171 million pieces of glass production - a third more than today.

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