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"Borovichi Refractories Plant" has increased output by a third

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JSC "Borovichi Refractories Plant" ("BKO", the city Borovichi Novgorod region) in the first quarter of 2015 increased the volume of output - refractories and proppants - by 29.5%. This was stated by Director General of JSC "BKO" Vladimir Mozhzherin during a press tour to the enterprise of the Novgorod branch of the Union of Journalists of Russia.According to him, production capacity downloaded almost 100%. Further growth is limited by manufacturer grog (burnt refractory clay - kaolin). All four rotary kiln plant operating at maximum. This was not even in the 1980s. Lack of grog is compensated by its purchase on the side, but it is not the best way, so in the development program of refractories plant approved by the Board of Directors, - construction of the fifth furnace. Fitting carefully studied today.


The Mill refractory products made mainly from kaolin mined open pit on his own career - and Okladnevo Malinovets. In the first three months of 2015 production increased by 16.4% to 48.9 thousand. Tons. Over the past year have extracted 6% more than in 2013.


"The difficult economic situation in the country at the beginning of this year, we have already foreseen in 2014, so in order to reduce the pressure of rising consumer prices for the company's employees, from 1 December to 10% was indexed wages. On the positive dynamics of the plant in the first quarter of 2015, in my opinion, influenced by the increase in the dollar and to a lesser extent - the sanctions. Imported products became unprofitable for consumers and those who are now able to increase volumes, will benefit. Among them is complex, because the owners for 20 years, annual leave from 10 to 20% of revenue for the development and modernization of production. A similar situation with the consumption of imported raw materials and components. Import substitution program compiled and implemented in the company on the basis of development of the Centre's own improved technology and production ", - said General Director of JSC" GER".


"The crisis, which began in December, helped in solving human problems," - said the director of economics of "GER" Eugene vortex. According to him, the young Borovichskaya back from the capitals, where now there are serious cuts, and are employed in plant, even on working specialties. In addition, it was possible to staff and those professionals who are in the Novgorod region are not ready.


Recall "Borovichi Refractories Plant" - the oldest refractory enterprise in Russia. Industrial production of refractories was founded in Borovichi in 1857 oilman and engineer Emmanuel Nobel. Now the share of "BKO" in the market of refractories in Russia is about 23% of the market of proppants - 32%. Among consumers combine ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, building materials, glass, cement, whiteware, pulp and paper industry, equally, oil and gas companies and others. Among the partners of the BKO - Surgutneftegas and NLMK, Rosneft and Severstal, Gazprom Neft and RUSAL, Lukoil, Eurasia, and others.

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