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Training - a strategic task

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Prerequisite for the successful operation of the business in the modern world is the continuous development. Establishment of industrial cluster based on the expanded production remains a strategic objective of the management of "Caspian float glass plant". An example of such economic phenomena can serve the industrial centers of companies "Mercedes-Benz", "Volkswagen" in Germany, "Boeing" in the United States, "Total", "Schlumberger" in France.

Production of high-tech glass - just the beginning and the basis for the creation of a whole range of organizations, complementing each other and reinforcing the competitive advantages of individual companies and the cluster as a whole. In the future, around the industrial area of ??the Caspian float glass plant will deploy a number of structures, united by kinship and technological orientation towards innovation capacious business.


At the same time the slogan "Cadres decide everything" is relevant in the world of capitalism. International experience shows the need for specialists proforientirovannyh for any high-tech production. As possible solutions to the problem of shortage of staff experts call a training center "from scratch" or cooperation with existing educational institution aimed at development of human resources.


The program guide KZLS to create an industrial cluster development and business venture agreement was signed on cooperation in the field of training between JSC "Caspian float glass plant" and State Educational Institution "Dagestan State University of the economy." Created and operates department "Production management at the industrial enterprise." Directs the department since its inception Doctor of Economics, Professor, Executive Director of "Caspian float glass plant" Abakar Mudunov.


According to the press service of "KZLS" Dagestan State University in the national economy continued a series of master classes given by the specialists of "KZLS" on various aspects of the organization of the industrial enterprise, strategic management and financial stability of the company. Before students of the faculty "Economics and Management", "Accounting and audit" financial, economic and tax departments (of more than 200 people), post-graduate students and scientific and pedagogical workers were DGUNH Abakar Mudunov, Hamid Buchaev - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician , DGUNH President, Yahya Buchaev - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Rector DGUNH Sergei Sapunoff - Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance, Said Buchaev - Deputy Director of the Department of supply, Hafiz Gafurov - finance director, Buba woman - Head of Accounting. It was a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge and skills in various fields of activity of the enterprises and a unique experience for our region. All participants showed great interest and activity during the course. Meetings are held every Saturday.

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