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CEMCO Announces Planned 2009 Expansion of Its Recycling Equipment Line for the Construction Materials Industry

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Continuing the Company's 45 year commitment to producing energy efficient, low emission, and environmentally friendly equipment to the energy, aggregate and recycling industries, CEMCO is expanding its recycling vision into all construction related materials including roofing shingles, flooring materials, drywall, and railroad ties. In a continued effort to reduce recyclable material disposition into America's landfills, CEMCO offers a variety of equipment custom configured for energy efficient recycle processing.

In addition to the environmental benefits of recycling, a Fortune 500 recycled glass consumer recently announced that using recycled glass cullet in their manufacturing process reduces energy use and CO2 emissions by nearly 13%. CEMCO anticipates that most other construction material manufactures will see similar production benefits from the use of high quality recycled input.

CEMCO first introduced VSI crusher technology to the glass recycling industry in 1993. CEMCO now supplies crushing equipment for recycling or other green applications in 21 nations and to the majority of the world's most green friendly companies. In December, 2008, Strategic Materials Inc, the largest glass processor in North America, placed its sixth CEMCO crusher into operation in support of a world wide initiative to reduce glass disposal into landfills. Recycled glass cullet is used in many applications including glass bottles, ceramics, bricks, abrasive materials, golf bunker sand, water filtration and fiberglass.

"Using CEMCO VSI crushers is one of most effective and energy efficient ways to process glass into a saleable glass cullet product. The most common models used for glass are the T-35, T-54 and the T-70 with throughput capacities from 1 to 175 tons per hour" says Neil Hise, President of CEMCO. "Some advantages of using CEMCO VSI crushers are; ease of maintenance, non-glass content (paper, glue, etc.) is easily separated from the glass after crushing, product gradation can easily be customized, low energy consumption and superior customer service."

About CEMCO, Inc.
CEMCO is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business that has established itself as the worldwide leader in VSI Crushing technology since its inception in 1962. CEMCO manufactures nine (9) crusher sizes and also designs and builds conversion equipment for other brands of crushers. CEMCO, Inc. offers full scale engineering services, a large capacity machining operation, CNC, robotic and computer automated custom metal fabrication as well as industrial equipment manufacturing services.

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