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Fenestration Ushers in New Opportunities

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Fenestration Ushers in New Opportunities

Interpretation of Chinese Government's Efforts to Promote New Development in Green Buildings in 2015 

2015 is the last year of China’s "12th Five Year Plan". In order to better comply with the State Council’s overall requirements on establishing ecological civilization, promoting new urbanization and green, low-carbon development as well as responding to climate changes and preventing atmospheric pollution, the Energy Conservation Sector and the Technical Sector of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development DO HEREBY formulate Work Essentials 2015 (released on March 5, 2015), the release of which puts forward stricter requirements on the current fenestration industry, primarily reflected in the following points:

?By 2015, not less than 65% building energy saving standard is applied in most heating regions in North China and some of them are encouraged to adopt 75% energy saving standard if conditions permit while South China explores and implements an energy saving standard stricter than the current one.

In China, nearly half of building energy consumption is caused through windows and doors while energy-efficient windows and doors account for less than 1%. At present, many provinces come to become aware of the importance of energy efficient windows and doors. They have formulated, released or raised related standards, and enforce the implementation of regulatory measures. There will be tremendous market demand if building doors and windows in China (nearly 11 billion square meters) are updated to energy-efficient doors and windows.

?Recommend massive development of green buildings, Office buildings, schools, hospitals, culture buildings and other public buildings invested by governments, as well as buildings for public benefits invested by prefecture-level governments in central and east China must take the lead in applying the green building standard, if the conditions permit.

Green buildings in China show a momentum of rapid development. According to the growth rate of China's buildings, the area of new commercial public buildings will be more than 10 billion square meters by 2020 and the green building sector in the public buildings is expected to reach a market scale of RMB 720 billion.

?Expand the scale of energy efficiency retrofitting of existing buildings further. Heating measurement and energy efficiency retrofit of 150 million square meters of existing residential buildings in north China will be accomplished in the year of 2015; the retrofit of 16 million square meters of energy intensive public buildings in key cities should been accomplished in the year of 2015 .

Source: www.fenestration.com.cnAuthor: shangyi

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