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The longest observation glass bridge in the world opens in China

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The longest skywalk glass bottom in the world was opened to tourists in the park Longgang National Geological, in Chongqing, China. A stunning passage extends to an impressive 26.64 meters (87.4 feet) above the precipice along the rocky ledge, offering breathtaking vistas of the landscape.Built on the edge of a cliff at a dizzy height 1010 m (3314 ft), pass the Chinese government worth 35 million yuan (5.6 million US dollars) in its construction, while it by as much as 5 meters (16 feet long) than cult lookout bridge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


The result is an impressive object of his courage for tourists who also distinguished by uncommon courage and hoping to watch the breathtaking natural beauty that can offer them a national park. For those who fear heights here, of course, is not the place, as the struggle with bouts of dizziness and anxiety can seize their entirety, as they will be at 718 meters (2356 feet) above the surface of the landscape.


Causing admiration mixed with fear neveroyatnym passages such as this one, it seems, are becoming more and more the trend is gaining momentum in China. April 2015 has allowed us to see the re-opening of this bridge inspection of crystal Tyanmenshan in Zhangjiajie, after a bit of a prolonged period of restoration. It is also located along the slope of rocks and is designed for adventurous experiences, which attracts not only rhythm, calmness and greatness of China.


However, this new facility for the tourists visually seems so fragile and unreliable, that the impressions of his visit will be much more clearly than by visiting like him.

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