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Latest Breakthrough Encouraging for Low-Cost High-Speed Commercial Production of SolarWindow™, Worldwide

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SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WNDW), developer of transparent liquid coatings that generate electricity on glass windows, today announced new research outcomes favorable to low-cost high-speed production in diverse geographic locations where altitude, air-pressure, and humidity can otherwise effect chemistry and manufacturing. 


By addressing chemistry-related manufacturing issues at different altitudes, SolarWindow™ products could be commercially produced at industrial centers as diverse as the sea-level Khalifa Industrial Zone in Abu Dhabi, 600 feet higher alongside glass producers in Illinois, or even at 7,000 feet above sea level with glass factories in Mexico.


Our commercial strategy includes licensing and partnering our technology with glass manufacturers, globally. While we’ve worked hard to set records for power production and size, it’s now time to focus on important steps to position us beyond the United States and in the broadest possible geographic footprint,” explained Mr. John A. Conklin, President and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies, Inc.


Already, SolarWindow™ technology boasts the industry’s fastest published calculated return of under one-year when modeled for installation on a 50-story building. The prospect of low production costs in different geographies could further boost the Companys future commercialization and licensing platforms.


Looking ahead, our goals are high product performance, manufacturing and installation, and commercial roll-out. Naturally, we want to produce and commercially partner our SolarWindow™ products in virtually any geography. Moreover, our approach to open-air production at high speeds is one that traditional solar producers simply cannot keep up with.”


The physical location of industrial plants and their surrounding air pressure and humidity, altitude, and other environmental factors determine the behavior, flow, stability, and performance of chemical coatings.


Unable to commercially operate in open-air environments, conventional solar-PV producers have largely made use of specially designed equipment for controlling air pressure and temperature as a work-around to the behavior of chemistry. Consequently, their production can be cumbersome and expensive.


With our efforts sharply focused on the commercialization of SolarWindow™, we anticipate increased activity in all facets of making our first-of-its-kind technology manufacture-ready, easy to install, and with warranty periods that meet industry standards,” stated Mr. Conklin.


Recently, the Company announced encouraging durability test results and advancing efforts to meet and exceed 25-year commercial warranty standards for SolarWindow™ coatings and their associated sealants.


For ease of installation in new and retrofit applications on skyscrapers and tall towers, Company engineers unveiled plans for an easy power connection system last month. The first-ever system would allow glaziers and electricians to collect electricity from SolarWindow™ modules by connecting building wires anywhere along the entire edge of the glass inside the window frame. Previously, electricity generated on SolarWindow™ modules was collected at individual, hard-wired points on the glass.


In addition to reducing costs, ease of electrical installation will be important to window fabricators, glass installers (i.e., glaziers), electricians, and maintenance personnel.


For future manufacturing of SolarWindow™ products, today’s discovery supports the application of the Company’s organic liquid coatings at room temperature or ‘ambient’ conditions. This is especially important since high-power SolarWindow™ modules are produced when commercially available glass is coated with the Company’s see-through, electricity-generating liquids.


Having achieved a compelling financial model and significant strides with manufacturability and product performance, the upcoming calendar quarter will provide our supporters and stakeholders with important insights into our commercialization pathway and timing. These are very exciting times for all of us at SolarWindow,” concluded Mr. Conklin.

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