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GPD’s Sponsor Message: Kuraray

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Kuraray Interlayer Solution (KIS) – a new business unit formed out of the Glass Laminating Solutions business formerly owned by DuPont and the Kuraray TROSIFOL® PVB unit – will present itself at the Glass Performance Days 2015 as a proud sponsor of the conference.  


Information about the new organization as leading supplier for architectural safetyglass interlayer and the broadest portfolio that includes SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer, Butacite® G, the SentryGlas® Expressions™ technology as well as the full range of TROSIFOL® PVB portfolio will be presented at the Kuraray booth where you can meet our experts during the conference or join one of the several presentations and workshops given by the Kuraray experts featuring topics like the use of SentryGlas® in applications like glass fins or tornado resistant glazing. You can find a list of all Kuraray presentations below.


You are cordially invited to the presentation:


Thursday, June 25, 9:00, “Laminated glass/process/design”: “Designing Impact Glazing to meet Tornado Performance Standards” by Valerie Block (Kuraray Europe GmbH)


Thursday, June 25, 13:45, item “Laminated glass/process/design”: “Which Interlayer for which glazing application?” by Björn Sanden (Kuraray)


Thursday, June 25, 15:45, item “Laminated glass/process/design”: “Acoustic glazing based on different PVB interlayers” by Dr. Bernhard Koll (Kuraray Europe GmbH)


Friday, June 26, 11:50, item “New Products and Applications”: “Impact Testing for Overhead Laminated Glass Applications” by Malvinder Singh Rooprai (Kuraray India Pvt. Ltd)


Friday, June 25, 13:45, item “Market Trends and Future Opportunities”: “Lightweight acoustic glazing – achieving acoustic performance in thin, stiff, lightweight glass Laminates” by Chuck Butler (Kuraray America Inc.)


More than 15 years ago acoustic PVB interlayers started to replace cast in place resins in the architectural glazing market. Since then there have been a lot of improvements and this is still ongoing. The presentation will give an overview on different PVB interlayers for acoustic glazing. In his speech Dr. Koll will cover a few acoustic damping basics, the performance advantages and challenges of the 2 main PVB acoustic interlayer types in architectural laminated glass. Based on that technical solutions and possible future developments will also be discussed.


He will introduce and describe a tri-layer PVB composition, having a soft core symmetrically positioned between two standard outer PVB layers. The other film type is a sound damping (and soft) PVB monolayer film that was launched by Kuraray shortly after the tri-layer film, having comparable acoustic performance and only little lower performance in penetration resistant properties. The advantages for the processors and end-users are improved adhesion and optics. Until today both types of acoustic PVB interlayer are in the market and up to now Kuraray is the only manufacturer of both types worldwide.


A case study featuring a TROSIFOL® Sound Control PVB product will be distributed by Kuraray in the next issue of “Laminated Glass News”. Feel free to sign up to the monthly newsletter featuring the Kuraray Interlayer products by using this link:http://glasslaminatingsolutions.kuraray.com/laminated-glass-news/subscribe-to-laminated-glass-news/


Kuraray Europe GmbH Contact

Philipp-Reis-Str. 4, 65795 Hattersheim, Germany, Telefon +49 69 305 85 300, Fax +49 69 305 85399, Ust-ID-Nr.: DE 121 301 301, Aufsichtsrat: Dr. Gerd Lepper (Vorsitz), Geschäftsführer: Dr. Matthias Gutweiler (Vorsitz), Yoshiki Kuroki, Fuyuo Ueyama, Sitz der Gesellschaft: Hattersheim am Main, Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main HRB 78119

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