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Novocherkassk scientists developed a unique technology of cellular glass.

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Young Novocherkassk scientists have won the Russian contest "Youth Innovation Convention." Associate Professor of Technology of ceramics, glass and binders NPI Victoria resin and a graduate student Andrei Kosarev developed a unique technology for the production of cellular glass. Material energy efficient and economical. He has broad application in manufacturing and construction.It is believed that the foam glass was invented in the 1930s by the Soviet academician, and the US - in the early 1940s. But in the Soviet Union widespread development has not received due to the high cost and unproven technology of production of this unique insulated material. Now the situation has changed, but the lack of affordable heat insulating material having a high thermal resistance and environmental safety, causes extremely competitive cellular glass (penoshlakostekla), told the authors of technology.


- Our development is fundamentally different from already existing analogues. We propose to use any glass waste, which need not be sorted - explained DonDay Victoria resin. - Adding to the broken glass and packaging waste slag, blowing agent, which themselves developed, the components are mixed in the appropriate proportions, and then they are pressed. Under the influence of the temperature of the glass is melted, blowing agent gases leave the cell and are formed, the resulting material slowly cools down and its structure is fixed - it turns penoshlakovoe glass. Simply and economically.


Production of this material will help solve a number of important issues. On the ash dumps have accumulated a huge amount of ash and slag. Content and reclamation of ash dumps require a huge cost. With the developed technology ash and slag can be effectively used in the production of insulating building materials.


Working to solve this problem Smoliy Victoria beginning in 2008, and in 2013 she successfully defended her thesis. Initially it developed manufacturing technology of glass, and then the blocks and granules required in its manufacture. Who is working on the issues of practical application of the material. - We are ready to produce glass with the required technical specifications of the customer. To do this, we conduct research in laboratories certified not only the university, but in the third-party organizations, and that takes money - said Victoria resin.


Compared with polystyrene, which is now used in the construction of houses, cellular glass - non-toxic and safer mother.


- Unfortunately, we do not have industrial penoshlakovogo glass, it is possible only to a laboratory prototyping. As a rule, we do five samples and send them to study, depending on the complexity of the analysis of the cost of the sample varies from five to 30 thousand, - explains Andrei Kosarev DonDay.


Over five years of research, scientists became laureates and scholarship of Russian and international competitions. But young people received scholarships to spend on continuing research. Prizes won in the "youth convention" - 200 thousand rubles have already decided to spend on laboratory tests.


Now young people spend control tests and are looking for investors willing to build in the city plant to produce unique material.

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