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The company sells Italian and German equipment in the warehouse factory in Russia

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1. The melting furnace new Italian firm Voice Service for cooking high-quality glass to 8-9 tons per day, with separate pools glass melting, pool gomogonezatsii and distribution of glass, two pools produce glass, all pools with self-contained air-gas heating (gas-air burners) with computer control of temperature and pressure, fully equipped:

- cast iron heat recovery of exhaust gases,

- all the metal structures of the supporting beams and the cradle under the base of the furnace to the furnace casing, and all column heat exchanger installation

- French BAKOR set and part of refractories company SEPRO,

- electronic burner control, temperature control in different basins furnace pressure in the melting zone, with a touch control cabinet,

- gas-air ramp with all the necessary gear units and controls including security, all pipes and burners, including pipes made of stainless steel hot air from the heat exchanger to the burner and chimney stainless steel sensors and cabling, fans for combustion air supply and fans and piping system cooling airflow oven

- batch loader with several Kubel for batch feeding, two glass stirrers with actuators in the basins of the recess of glass

- needle window level control and automatic control of batch feeding loader to maintain the glass in the furnace.


2. Scope of the equipment section of charge preparation , semi-automated, with capacity up to 35 tons per day, consisting of:


- strain gauge weighing installation zaveshivaniya doses of 3 major components of the charge with 3 screw feeders components

- strain gauge weighing installation zaveshivaniya doses of 5 medium batch components with 5 receiving hoppers, equipped with rastarivatelyami big bags and screw feeders component in a weight unit,

- Kubel to collect components of the charge

- batch mixer drum accession Kubel with components to the drum for mixing suction without charge.


The estimated cost of a glass melting furnace and a set of training equipment at the area of the charge = 36 million rubles. including technical support and training of the personnel working on the buyer Seller similar furnaces.


As a separate part of the equipment of this kit are not for sale.


3. The tunnel oven (Lehr) annealing 23.5 meters long with a mesh width of 210 cm, height 55 cm aperture. New, with conservation, not exploited. Production company Carmet, Italy. The estimated cost of 8.5 million rubles.


4. The glass-forming machines - injection press type PMP -section for the production of high-quality extruded art products. Made in Italy by Push Manikone. With conservation, not exploited. Glass feeding robot or manually.


The estimated cost of 350 thousand rubles.


5. Pressed glass-blowing and blowing, blow-blown , three-position semi-automatic machine PMP 600 / s Push Manekone Italian company for the production of hollow overview of exclusive bottles, bottles, cans and other things. Glass feeding robot or manually. Estimated cost 1150 thousand rubles.


6. The glass-forming machines - injection press-off for the production of high quality extruded products, including luster suspension. Made in Italy by recent findings. With conservation. Glass feeding robot or manually.


The estimated cost of 950 thousand rubles. 7. glassware forming machine - 1-position of the press for the production of large items such as cups and plates for the table. Made in Italy by Glass Service. With conservation, not exploited. Glass feeding robot or manually.


Estimated Cost-550 thousand rubles.


8. Press the German firm "Walter" model KE-GPR - 12H / 2,5t weight of 3000 kg. 12 products. The diameter of the table 1100 mm. The distance between the centers of the forms 181,2mm diameter circle where there are centers of forms - 700 mm. Pressing force of 2.5 tons. Condition- satisfactory. Estimated Cost-3800 thousand rubles.


9. Press the German firm "Walter" model GPR-ES - 6H / 4T number 28542 1996 4200 kg weight. 6 position of the table 1700 mm diameter. The distance between centers of 550 mm diameter forms a circle where there are centers of forms - 1100 mm. Pressing force 4 t. (On label) There is a mechanism of disclosure forms. Condition- requires partial recovery management system. Estimated Cost-3500 thousand rubles.


10. A large set of Italian iron forms / used semi-automatic machine for the production of exclusive bottles, bottles and cans with a capacity of 1 to 54 liters. Product forms and cost - on request.


Delivery of other glass equipment upon request, including second-hand. Perhaps the technical and consulting support construction of the furnace and the creation of the entire production staff training Buyer's current production of the Seller.


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