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Glass containers European standard

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The oldest factory in Dagestan decided to change their scope of activities: to cease production of flat glass for the production of more useful in everyday life objects. Now in the city of Dagestan lights are produced glass containers for the new technology. In the manufacture of bottles used local sand, before it brought from Ukraine. The money saved will be spent on the improvement of equipment and the implementation of new plans for the team.

- Our factory has been one of the best in the country. It worked well-known people, Hero of Socialist Labor, the deputies. Where my parents worked, I work here. And, most of all, my children will be working here, - says head of department of "Dagestan Glass Containers" (so called after the reconstruction of the company, - Note. Aut.) Minhazhitdin Shakhpazov. - Shop window glass vertical drawing converted into a Euro packaging plant and the plant continues to live. The plant installed new equipment from Germany.


Production facilities are outdated, flat glass, manufactured here became uncompetitive (now in the country built a new plant for the production of float glass) and the new management decided on a crucial step - to move to production of glass.


Next to the entrance of a new monument to the background "all-union elder" Mikhail Kalinin, participated in the establishment of the plant, are the old walls.


- We have kept them as museum value - this phrase, passing from mouth to mouth the factory workers of different ranks, has become sacred, - the other exhibits from the history of the factory was moved to the city museum.

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China Glass Network

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