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German Scientists Invented Glass Partition Break Sensor System

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According to a news media overseas, scientists of a German research institute has recently invented a glass partition break sensor system to be used primarily on architectural applications such as glass partition, screen partition, and glass curtain wall, detecting cracks as a glass break alarm system.  


In recent years, architectural glass materials explode quite often, causing serious security risk and unnecessary losses to businesses and families. The break sensor is developed for glass partition and curtain wall installations and commonly mounted directly on glass products. Once the system detects a crack on the glass, the alarm will be triggered to call for immediate inspection by the building maintenance or glass partition manufacturer so that proper measurements can be taken and potential loss will be mitigated.


The announcement has been questioned by many professionals in terms of whether the break sensor can provide warning in a timely manner. Will the sensor give service team enough lead time to fix the problem?  Is the sensor more decorative than functional?  Only facts can answer these questions.  Massive scientific experiments have proven that the alarm will be triggered once a crack of 5mm or more is detected on the glass. The development of the glass partition break sensor is successful.


At present, the glass partition break sensor technology is not yet mature and still far from gaining popularity. However, this emerging product has brought good news to both glass partition and architectural glass curtain wall industries.

Source: www.landglass.net Author: shangyi

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