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"Technology" - ahead of its time

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State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation "Technology "is a unique research and production complex, located in the first Russian science city - the city of Obninsk. The company with more than half a century of history is a recognized center of competence in the development and serial production of high-tech products made of polymer composite materials, special ceramics and optical glass. In Obninsk scientific-production enterprise there are two and a half thousand employees, a third of them scientists.
Products "Technology" is known worldwide. Space shuttle "Buran" took off, lined with heat-resistant ceramic tiles manufacturing Obninsk. It is through the glass "technology" had to see the space and the first cosmonauts. Heavy-duty windows submersibles "Mir", as well as a walking submarine "Sadko" also made here. As, however, and glazed cabin icebreaker "Russia". Landing in any domestic airport, the pilots can see navigation lights, filters which do not change color, regardless of weather conditions. The unique composition of the glass and the technology for them born in the laboratories of Obninsk enterprises.

For manufactured products are qualitative definition of "unique" can be used with a clear conscience. Whether thermal panels, at times extend the life of the spacecraft, or carbon fiber construction and power fairing for "Angara". Products "Technology" always, some small, but ahead of the existing requirements. The country also it was not conducted on the "nanotechnology" and in the laboratories of the company already conducts applied research, which allowed not only to create and organize a series of metal-deposition of multifunctional coatings on aircraft windows. Currently, these coatings provide our combat aircraft to reduce the visibility of enemy radar and crew protection from negative external factors. In the future, possible applications of this technology in the construction of a new generation of ships for the Navy. Since one of the basic conditions for success in modern warfare is stealth, application of such coatings on glazing cutting and running lights, along with the existing widespread use of stealth technology in shipbuilding, will benefit our sailors.

"Almost all of our production facilities have been certified (including international) suppliers to the aerospace industry, which implies a high level of quality and reliability of products. The private school of applied research, a great experience of development and introduction of high technologies - all this is not just our competitive advantage, and the very foundation of the company. That it allows us to create products, characteristics and properties that are ahead of the times. 55 years of successful work repeatedly given proof of concept development of the company "- sums up the general director of the Russian Research Center" CVTs "Technology" Oleg Commissioner.

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