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The Spaniards returned to recycle 70% of glass

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70% of the glass, in which a variety of bottled products purchased by the Spanish in the stores, returned for recycling, according to the National Association of manufacturers of glass (Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes del Vidrio - ANFEVI) , publishing the results of his research. Jobs' contributions to the study of social, economic and environmental spheres of glass packaging production sector "was demonstrated to representatives of the Spanish press recently in Madrid.

"Modern manufacturing is largely tied to the recycling of raw materials, - stated in the bulletin. - 100% of used glass can be re-used for industrial purposes, but not yet all of it is returned to collection points. "


In Spain, according to the Association, on a daily basis is available 19 million units of glass containers, its annual production capacity reaches 7 billion bottles, cans, etc. This is 2.3 million tons of Spain - the fifth country in Europe for the production of glass packaging after Germany, Italy, France and the UK.


During the press conference, a representative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism Enrique Hernandez Bento presented a departmental plan of 97 points, the implementation of which will allow Spanish industry in 2020 to increase the production and processing of glass to a volume of 20% of GDP.


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