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Construction material prices show ups and downs thru November

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A report just issued shows prices for selected construction materials have fallen in Mongolia. Such falls are usually indicative of a slow-down in the construction industry.

The report compared construction material prices at the end of November to prices at the end of October. 

Bricks manufactured in Mongolia fell in price by 2.4 percent, cement by 32.4 percent and planks for floors fell by 10.7 percent. 

Prices in November 2008, compared to November 2007, showed some increases including 25 types of construction materials increasing with iron concrete up by 6.3 percent, bricks made in Mongolia increased by 66.7 percent, planks for floor without grooves increased by 76.1 percent, and edged planks increased by 56.3 percent.

Further, prices of imported China bricks increased by 65 percent, window glass without reflection increased by 41.2 percent, window glass with reflection increased by 53.8 percent, roofing paper without stone 33.3 percent, oil paint increased 25 percent, wallpaper increased by 40.0 percent, linoleum increased by 16.7 percent, slab stone for floor / 30x30/ by 33.3 percent, slab stone for wall /30x20/ 12.0 percent, and ceramic sinks increased by 20.0 percent.

Source: mongolia-web.comAuthor: shangyi

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