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Dynamic Electrochromic Facades

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Dynamic electrochromic facades change tint between clear and dark on demand, providing complete control over the amount of light and heat that enter a building, resulting in reduced energy consumption, reduced peak load and HVAC equipment downsizing.  Noting that “blinds and shading structures turn windows into walls,” Danny Sullivan, Regional Sales Executive at View Dynamic Glass, noted that the dynamic glazing eliminates blinds and shades, enabling unobstructed views, increased natural daylight and enhanced occupant comfort and productivity. Research indicates a 6 to 15 percent increase in productivity with daylighting, and since 90 percent of a company’s operating costs are in people, increasing workforce productivity is of great value.

The technology consists of a solid state coating with nano-layers of metal oxides. A small electrical voltage changes states between clear and tint. Smart controls anticipate the sun’s movement and monitor actual conditions so that the glass is always in the ideal state for comfort and energy.

It reduces electricity use for HVAC and lighting by 20 percent and reduces peak cooling by 23 percent, enabling larger expanses of glass without the usual trade-offs.

The dynamic electrochromic facade is a sustainable option that increases building value, according to Sullivan.

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