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ISOGON - Traditional company is experiencing change

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Very few window manufacturers in the Greater Berlin area have such an extensive and loyal customer base as ISOGON. The company is successful in the construction project business while at the same time offering customized services to private customers.  Truly a window partner who understands their market. 

As well as technical perfection, you need the highest level of manufacturing intelligence and automation. Currently, the company is not only expanding its capacity through the expansion and modernisation of its manufacturing equipment. It is also re-engineering and optimising all its commercial and technical processes using the integrated A+W CANTOR software system. In this way, ISOGON is seeking to better exploit the available potential.


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Flexibility and meeting delivery deadlines


Product quality alone doesn't cut it if not enough attention is paid to meeting delivery deadlines and providing flexibility of service. Meeting all these challenges is only possible in today's markets with the use of first-class IT systems. This includes the almost paperless manufacturing control offered by A+W CANTOR CIM, which is just about to be implemented. CNC-controlled machines will then be integrated into a time-optimized overall system. When it comes to manual workplaces, manufacturing information will also be made available on screen, at the right time and at the right location.


It is critical for ISOGON that trade partners are also completely integrated into the A+W CANTOR solution. The A+W CANTOR Dealer system will then be deployed across the ISOGON dealer network.


Exemplary service culture


Single-source provider - for ISOGON, this includes reliable customer service. The ISOGON Team knows how important it is for customers to receive prompt and flexible support, which is why it provides 24/7 service.






A+W CANTOR CIM offers you the potential to utilize your production to achieve significant cost and output results.

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The professional connection with your specialized dealers is no problem for us. A+W CANTOR Dealer software helps you sell your products, easy and efficiently.

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