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New powerful connection for façade construction

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Now there is an efficient solution for connecting concrete prefabricated parts to façade structures: The new JORDAHL® support corbel JBA. 

Regardless of whether large façade elements or narrow parapet strips - JORDAHL® support corbels JBA are already embedded in the precast concrete element at the concrete precast plant and can therefore be quickly and easily mounted to the reinforced concrete support structure. They are used, in particular, for grates and strip façades for which layered concrete elements, e.g. parapet plates, are mounted in front of the storey ceilings.


The support corbel JBA have a top-hat profile at the head of which are four reinforcing bars for integrating them into the precast reinforced concrete elements. The loads affecting the parapet plate (dead load, wind load, temperature stress and payload) are transferred to the two supports via the clamped JORDAHL® support corbels JBA. The support corbel JBA is made of high-quality Lean Duplex stainless steel, strength grade S460 (corrosion resistance class III) which allows very slim profiles to be manufactured despite high loads.


JORDAHL® support corbels JBA are measured in accordance with DIN 18800 and the General Building Approval Z-30.3-6 for stainless steel and can be used without problems in support structures measured in accordance with the Euro code.


With the JORDAHL® EXPERT support corbel JBA software, the complex documentation of the parapet corbels can be effectively implemented.

You can find more information on our product page.




Source: www.jordahl-group.comAuthor: shangyi

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