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ICG Prize Winners

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For biomaterials talks at AcerS Miami conference - TC04 (Biomaterials) was recently awarded a grant by the ICG Steering Committee which, among other things, allowed them to offer a prize for the best presentation at their sessions wihtin the ACerS conference in Miami, May 2015.  In the event two winners emerged each of whom had their conference fees paid.


The winners, judged by the Symposium Chair, Professor Len Rahaman, MS&T, USA together with other chairs are:

Amy Nommeots-Nomm, Imperial College London, UK for “Porous bioactive glass foam scaffolds: Comparison of 3 compositions by 2 Processing Methods” Co-authors Peter Lee ; Eduardo Saiz; Julian Jones

Sharon Krenkel, TU Ilmenau, Germany for “Manufacturing of highly porous, anisotropic glass monoliths with a honeycomb-like structure”Co-authors Hans Uhlig; Dirk Enke; Edda Rädlein

Source: www.icglass.orgAuthor: shangyi

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