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Schwabe tests spectrographs for the World Space Observatory

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Companies "Schwabe" involved in the implementation of one of the sub-project, initiated by the Russian international establishment of the World Space Observatory. For example, the company's specialists develop and test methodology for assembling and calibrating optomechanical block on the simulator unit spectrographs.
Holding has successfully conducted a test docking power design simulator three space spectrographs, which will work at the World Space Observatory.

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"Creating an observatory open new possibilities for studies of the planets for the star, extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology. The project is included in the Federal Space Program, and participation in, and responsibility for the prestigious "Schwabe". The stage has now been completed for the implementation of the control dock power design simulator three cosmic vacuum ultraviolet spectrographs to large mobile unit of the vacuum chamber, "- said General Director of "Schwabe" Sergei Maxine.

Specialists of the holding must also design, produce and put into operation the stand for experimental work with spectrographs.

International project "Spectrum-UV" - "World Space Observatory - Ultraviolet" is aimed at the study of the universe out of reach of terrestrial observation instruments ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum from 115 to 310 nanometers. The project involves several European countries. In Russia, a main instrument of the observatory - a space telescope with a primary mirror diameter of 1.7 meters.

The launch of the International Space Observatory is scheduled for 2021. With its help, it is planned to study the physical and chemical properties of planetary atmospheres and comets, atmospheric physics of hot stars and chromospheric activity of cool stars, the properties of interstellar dust particles and circumstellar matter, the nature of the active galactic nuclei, intergalactic gas clouds, and gravitational lenses.

The observatory will also determine the ratio of the content of light elements and their isotopes, that it is important to select the description of the cosmological model of the universe as a whole, according to Rostec.

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