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100 tpd End Fired Furnace, El Nasr Glass & Crystal Co, Egypt

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El Nasr Glass & Crystal Co is a well-known glass company in Egypt who manufactures glass products for household, safety glass, glass wool, lamp glass, pharmaceutical glassware, automatic pressed tableware, handmade glassware, medical ampoule, glass reinforced polyester products as well as figured glass products.  


The company was founded in 1932 and updated their production line in 1990 and in 2012. El Nasr Glass uses the latest European technology to keep pace with technological development and quality requirements on glass products.

HORN supplied and commissioned recently the new 100 tpd regenerative end fired furnace for production of figured glass. The furnace was designed and equipped with combustion and control system according the latest available technology. The furnace itself can produce flint glass as well as figured glass in amber, grey and blue colours with a melting area of 68,25 m².

Source: www.hornglass.comAuthor: shangyi

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