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A major European manufacturer of insulating glass will close 4 plants

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Holding Glas Trösch (Glas Trёsh), a major European processor of flat glass and insulating glass manufacturer, plans to hold a global restructuring of its activities in Switzerland. Henceforth, the company's production will be focused on improving the automation of large processing plants, allowing optimum use of their production capacity. The smaller the enterprise for the production of glass and glass must be closed before the end of 2015. Glass holding this position said the difficult economic situation in the country due to the strong Swiss franc and a significant change in the market environment.

The decision of the Swiss National Bank in January 2015 to abolish the minimum rate of the euro has led to the fact that the Swiss franc was significantly increased in relation to the euro. Holding Glas Trösch in recent years made great efforts to maintain the competitiveness of the Swiss individual processing plants at the rate of 1.20 Swiss francs. Raising the minimum rate of the euro, the market is currently deteriorated massively with even stronger franc. The pressure on sales prices in Switzerland increased significantly, and forecasts for the construction market deteriorated.


A strong impact on the market in recent years has also become a key aspect in the decision to close part of the Glas Trösch production. In particular, the financial crisis of 2008 greatly touched the flat glass industry because of the structural changes in the window industry. Many small and medium-sized manufacturers of window products, as well as importers, under pressure of neighboring countries, especially from Eastern Europe. In addition, the window becomes less than the local market. Price pressures faced by the glass industry is fraught with enormous challenges for manufacturers.


In order to meet market needs Glas Trosch plans to restructure its refining glass in Switzerland for the supply of customers of enterprises specializing in the manufacture of windows, glazing and interior decoration. Now rates will be on the large highly automated processing plants to be optimally used to reduce production costs. In this regard, the company plans to close the end of the year for the production of energy-efficient enterprise glass Prattele (Pratteln) and volketswil (Volketswil), safety glass in Bulle (Bulle) and glass in Oftringene (Oftringen). Volumes of production of these plants should be moved to the enterprises in Bützberg, oberkulm (Oberkulm) and St. Gallen (St. Gallen-Winkeln), and double-glazed windows - Bulle (Bulle).


As a result of the planned closure of the four companies will be affected by a total of 140 people. The company's management regrets this step and will continue to work to ensure that the consequences of restructuring for the affected workers were relaxed as possible. The company will try to offer the greatest possible number of employees to keep their jobs at other facilities Glas Trösch.


The rest of the processing enterprises Glas Trösch will continue to work so that all customers receive quality products moths for windows, facades and interiors as usual. The company's management believes that the proposed realignment will create conditions to increase the level of customer service in difficult market conditions.


Glas Trösch Holding employs more than 100 years in the glass market, possessing greater expertise and know-how in the field of production, processing and glass processing. The product range extends from a simple cutting and processing of glass to sophisticated designs multifunctional insulating glass.


The company employs approximately 5,100 employees in 70 regions in Europe and abroad, of which 1,850 - in Switzerland. Glas Trösch Holding is currently the largest glass manufacturer in Europe and a family company headed by President and CEO of the fourth generation Trёshem Erich (Erich Trosch).

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