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The plant "Ekran" started the modernization of the glass melting furnace №2

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Modernization of a glass melting furnace №2, located at the workshop "Plant" Screen "(asset RATM Holding), will take place in two stages. At first, the company will perform major (cold) oven repair, and in a short time - 50 days. Reconstruction will raise its daily capacity from 100 to 180 tons of glass.

The furnace was stopped on 11 September. As the general director of JSC "Zavod" Ekran "Paul Boboshik, freed from the glass, it will disassemble and actually erect again.


- In fact, on the site of the furnace, which lasts six years, will build a new, and this is when in the wake of the economic crisis the majority of Russian companies freeze major investment since access to bank resources is organic, - he comments. - The furnace will be equipped with modern technology and ventilation equipment, which, among other things, affect the improvement of energy efficiency parameters.


Approximately 80% of the materials - imported: from Europe and China.


- The Russian manufacturers and we ordered a portion of refractory metal, - says Paul Boboshik. - Features the latest inferior overseas, so domestic refractories will not spread areas subject to a maximum temperature load.


By the way, to lower the melting point of the charge and thus extend the life of the furnace, and reduce power consumption, allow the use of cullet in the amount of 60%, whereas now its share - 15%. Meet the needs of the plant in recycled supplier companies are not able to. On the day of "display setting 100-120 tons of broken glass, and a month - about 5 000 tons.


Complete overhaul and run the furnace №2 plan in November. The company is increasing production capacity and increases the number of jobs: in the "Screen" operator willing to take 23 glass-forming machines and 47 supervisors of glass production.


The second phase of large-scale project involves the commissioning of the line of colored glass containers - in the first quarter of 2016. To do this, glassware forming machine, special feeder from a world-class producer and inspection equipment, which monitors the quality of container glass in automatic mode.


- Colouring feeder minimizes time loss when transferring production from clear glass to color - says Paul Boboshik. - It will be painted not all molten glass in the melting chamber of the furnace (this method is cost-effective only for large production batches of the same color), but only the one that will be served in one of the feeder lines. So we can work with a relatively small amount, providing a broad color palette - make blue, green, olive, brown, purple and pink glass containers. The remaining lines (there will be three) №2 furnace will produce colorless bottle.


On the "Screen" note: in recent months, demand for colored glass containers from customers is growing. For example, some manufacturers of alcoholic products in an effort to protect the market from counterfeit, declare their intention no longer to pour drinks in transparent containers.


According to Paul Boboshika, the total cost of the modernization of the glass melting furnace №2, taking into account the devaluation of the ruble, amount to 500 million rubles. Sources of financing - loans.


Recall, in 2014 JSC "Novosibirsk plant" Ekran "issued 326,500,000 units of container glass (103% of plan). Currently, the plant employs two glass furnaces (№4 and №5) capacity of 380 tons of glass per day, after the reconstruction of the furnace №2 corresponding figures of the industrial site "screen" will increase to 560 tons - is 1.35 million pieces of glass.

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