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4 Clever Commercial Uses of Switchable Smart Glass

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Commercial businesses are constantly looking for new ways to impress and indulge in innovative technology.  


It is no surprise that some of the biggest brands are turning to Switchable Smart Glass to turn heads, illuminate environments, create multi-functional spaces to display and advertise products.


Switchable Smart glass is very functional, adapting and responding to the needs of users at the flick of a switch and has proven very effective in commercial and home interior design.

The following are 4 of the most clever commercial uses of switchable smart glass that we have come across:

Nissan Micra Convertible Launch

Switchable smart glass was previously used to launch the Nissan Micra CC in London. Nissan used four-sided glass box consisting of 150 switchable glass panels which switched in sequence to create a remarkable outdoor display. Onlookers were teased with a glimpse of the car when glass panels switched from opaque to transparent to reveal features of the car, and eventually fully revealed the convertible as the roof retracted. Nissan didn’t stop there! They also inserted a Switchable Smart Glass full store front at Universal Nissan which illuminates into a visual video display at night, creating a very large and powerful advertising platform not unlike those seen in Piccadilly or Times Square.

Guinness Storehouse Visitor Centre

The Guinness Storehouse has attracted 4 million visitors since opening in 2000. When opening a new wing, Guinness Storehouse collaborated with Smartglass International to achieve a exciting highly visual interactive experience for the visitor. Curved smart glass was installed so that visitors can experience a 360° visualization of the brewing process. Images of the brewing process are projected onto the curved LC SmartGlass panels from within to create an interactive display of imagery illustrating the brewing process from beginning to end.

LC SmartGlass is also used as part of the “keeve in the kettle” display where the internal workings of the copper kettle can be seen through the glass when in its clear state. The glass can then switch to its opaque state as a rear projection screen where video is projected onto the screen to display the history behind the copper kettle and its role in the production of Guinness.

TV News Studios

Many TV news studios worldwide are now using smart glass backgrounds and windows in their offices including ITV and Bloomberg’s New York, Hong Kong and London Studios. Associated Press TV Studios collaborated with Smartglass International to innovatively use smart glass to introduce flawless lighting and an ideal room temperature while showcasing the London skyline as the backdrop to all five TV studios. SPD smart glass was tuned to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through a window.

TV Show Sets

Not only has smart glass made its way into the background of some of our favourite news bulletins but it is also featuring on the sets of popular TV shows. ITV updated their set to feature a smart glass background. The new set allows the street scene to be visible at times, or to be replaced with either opaque or transparent blue colouring, masking the view. The multifunctional capability of the switchable glass background allows the same space to be used for many different functions which is ideal for a TV show setting.

There are so many great examples of switchable smart glass applications across the globe but these 4 really caught our attention. To discover more clever commercial applications of smart glass around the world, browse through our past projects.

Source: www.blog.smartglassinternational.comAuthor: shangyi

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