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Recession hits glass industry of Firozabad

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Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh)--The world famous glass industry of Firozabad is loosing shine under the current recessionary trends with orders from across the globe being cancelled.

Almost 60 per cent of the glass factories have closed down their shutters.

"The period of recession has more than 80 per cent of its effect on the Firozabad's glass business. We are not left with even 20 per cent of the business because Firozabad's glass business depends on export. At this moment in countries like Europe and America, recession has hit the companies, markets, stores and banks very heavily," said Mukesh Pal Bansal, Chairman, Firozabad Glass Export Association.

"All the orders that we used to get from them they are getting cancelled. The buyers who placed orders are finding excuses to cancel their orders and we are no longer receiving any new orders," Mukesh added.

According to Mukesh, the main reason behind the industry getting affected is the huge stocks rendered useless by the orders being cancelled in the eleventh hour.

While the industry seems to be on the verge of shut down, more labourers remain unemployed. Till now more than 75 per cent of them are unemployed.

"Situation of the labourers has turned worse. They are neither getting food to eat nor are able to raise their children properly. Everyday, we cover a distance of 16 to 17 kilometers from our village to the factory. But when we reach, we sometimes get to know that we won't be working that day as there is no work to do and we are asked to return back to our villages. This has been happening for the past six months," said Bhola, a labourer.

Firozabad at present is known worldwide due to its glass industry. Since 1989, it started production of artistic glassware in different colours and shades.

About four hundred glass industries are registered in Firozabad making different types of glass product. They are using natural gas instead of coal.

The 50 per cent productions of these units are exported to different countries. But the recession in the world markets has hit the industry hard in 2008.

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