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Saint-Gobain Glass appeals to broader home improvement market with SGG E-CLEAR A

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Saint-Gobain Glass is challenging the remaining hard-coat domestic retrofit market with the launch of SGG E-CLEAR A, an entry-level low-emissivity (low-E) glass aimed to achieve a minimum WER ‘B’ Rating but with a number of specific advantages over existing online products.  


Higher clarity and lack of haze are principle benefits over many pyrolytic (hard-coated) glasses, along with lower surface reflection and better insulation.

SGG Marketing Manager Susan Lambeth explained the market positioning for the new product: “Saint-Gobain has always led the field with high performance glasses of all varieties and functions for the architectural and larger domestic installation markets. Now, we have E-CLEAR A, designed specifically for the smaller domestic retrofit businesses seeking to achieve a good Window Energy Rating that outperforms existing products in the sector in a number of ways.”

Saint-Gobain has constantly pushed the boundaries in high performance offline coated products. The introduction of SGG E-CLEAR A now significantly widens the appeal of the low-E glass range, bringing it within reach of those customers who rely on fine distribution who may also be working with limited processing machinery.

SGG E-CLEAR A has an optimum centre pane U Value of 1.3 W/m²K, enabling it to achieve a minimum WER ‘B’-Rating with warm edge spacer and PLANICLEAR counter pane. For processors, it has an improved toughening cycle time, an elongated shelf life and does not require edge-deletion.

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