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Testing of new lightweight inloader

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The freight carrier Van Huët is a great believer in innovation and, since the beginning of the year, has been testing an inloader that can transport a tonne more glass for Euroglas.  The new inloader, which is made entirely of aluminium, makes do with a lighter stillage and without the so-called claws. Up to now the glass has been held by these hydraulic arms during transport. As a result of dispensing with this means of securing plus the lower weight of the stillage, the dead weight of the inloader is reduced by around 1.5 tonnes, which means that it can carry a net load of 28 tonnes instead of the previous maximum of 27 tonnes.


But how is it ensured that the glass arrives at the customer undamaged? Van Huët has developed a new, lighter transport rack in which the glass is secured directly to the stillage. The glass is thus held more firmly and cannot slip so easily. As a result, the risk of transport damage is significantly reduced.

Reductions in the weight of inloader and stillage allow a load of up to 28 tonnes to be carried.

The advantages for the customer are obvious: the higher amount of glass per delivery decreases the number of ordering, delivery and unloading processes. The expenditure for administration and handling measures is also significantly reduced in internal processing. The stillage holds a glass package of 4.6 tonnes more than the standard inloader and internal sales can thus more easily attain the maximum utilisation. The modification of the glass packages does not create any work for the dispatch department. Furthermore, the environment is protected: fewer shipments reduce CO2 emissions into the air.

The first test drives to customers in Denmark were very promising. All glass packages safely reached the destination and handling on site went flawlessly. The gradual introduction of the new lightweight inloader is planned to start in mid-2016.

Source: www.euroglas.comAuthor: shangyi

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