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In Moscow, completed one of the largest development projects -MFK

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The new complex "Kuntsevo Plaza", located near the metro station "Youth", was commissioned in 2015. The building is in the style of Russian avant-garde has become a new architectural dominant Kuntsevo district.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin during a working visit called the new multifunctional complex "Kuntsevo Plaza" one "of the most interesting projects of the year", which should become "a cultural, business and shopping center Kuntsevo district".


For the glazing of the building was chosen innovative glass AGC - multifunctional tempered glass with high light transmission Energy NT, a high-quality polished glass light blue hue Planibel Azur, reflective glass with a mirror coating Stopsol Phoenix Clear. The latter has a high reflectivity (specular reflection from the outside), which at the same time and provides privacy and gives the building a unique appearance. This fact and a wide color palette give architects more opportunities for creative development company - added value in projects, and ready-made objects - a favorable contrast to each other. It is also important that the multifunction glass can not only increase the amount of natural light in the room (due to its high light-transmitting ability), but also reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning (due to enhanced thermal insulation and solar control properties). For example, such glass retains heat to 43% when compared with a conventional glass.


The AGC Glass Russia believe that the use of high-tech products in the glazing of buildings - this trend, the active development of which will take a fresh look at the familiar view of the city and a great responsibility, which requires companies to continuously improve the quality and consumer properties of the glass, and pay special attention environmental component. Many residential and commercial buildings, where part of the translucent structures including high-quality glass AGC, certified by national and international standards, in particular, a multifunctional complex "Kuntsevo Plaza" certified under the voluntary national certification of real estate "green standards" categories "Gold". This certification system evaluates the use of resource-saving, energy-efficient technologies and the use of environmentally friendly materials that reduce the negative impact of real estate on human health and the environment.

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