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Unelko Corporation in Scottsdale, AZ Gains International Attention at the GlassBuild America Show in Atlanta, GA

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Recently, representatives from Unelko Corporation, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ exhibited at the GlassBuild America show in Atlanta, GA. During the show, they were overwhelmed by the positive response for their innovative, high performance protective glass coating products.  


One of the products that created an especially loud buzz with attendees is the Invisible Shield ® Protective Glass Coating. Unelko Corporation’s sales manager, Heather Ohlhausen explained, Invisible Shield’s glass coating technology is a high performance, micron thin, nanoscale polymer coating that instantly and durably bonds to glass. Invisible Shield protects glass with a lasting, monomolecular “barrier” coating that repels water, soil, stains, soap scum, rust and hard water mineral deposits for reduced soiling and staining, easier maintenance and improved appearance.

“It is indisputable that glass needs to be protected from the onslaught of hard water minerals, limescale, unsightly stains and weathering on all forms of glass including shower, commercial, marine, automotive, solar glass and more,” noted Ms. Ohlhausen.

In addition to the Invisible Shield, Unelko’s "dual-action" Repel Glass Cleaner, Sani-Shield ® & Sani-Scrub® products are also gaining a well-deserved reputation as the finest Advanced Surface Care products on the market within the Janitorial, Solar, Transportation & Marine Industries.

Unelko has worked with many of the largest glass, fixture and faucet manufacturers worldwide and remains the industry leader in manufacturing affordable glass protective coatings and unique "dual- action" cleaners.

As Ms. Ohlhausen noted, Invisible Shield also offers substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.

The unique nano-scale protective coating technology saves work, damage and replacements, offers lasting protection, excellent coverage and is the most cost effective glass coating per square foot.

Invisible Shield offers new, patented VOC free, non-toxic, ammonia free, solvent free cleaners and coatings which are renewable and will not build up, crack or peel.

Since “Seeing is Believing”, Unelko challenges original equipment manufacturers, distributors and commercial applicators to compare the Invisible Shield Protective Glass Coating side-by-side with any other glass coating product on the market to prove that the choice is clear.

Leading with cutting-edge product performance, quality and customer satisfaction, Unelko is offering an extraordinary customer retention program- that works! The program is the most transparent and competitive in the industry and can be altered to suit the needs of your company. To learn more, please visithttp://www.glasscareexperts.com or http://www.unelko.com.

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