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Glass is Back for Baby Bottles

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For makers of hard plastic bottles, April 2008 was a rough month. That’s when studies were released indicating that a substance called bisphenol-a, or BPA, which is used to make such plastic, has been seeping from containers into foods and liquids.

Testing of lab rats exposed to BPA found that the animals were likely to develop cancer and begin puberty early. Although there is no conclusive evidence that humans exposed to BPA are at risk of cancer or reproductive harm, two leading bottle makers—Nalgene and Playtex—announced in April that they would discontinue use of BPA in their products.

Amid the plastic controversy, North Hills baby product manufacturer Munchkin Inc. saw an opportunity. It will kick off the New Year by adding a new collection of glass baby bottles and silicone accessories to its Mighty Grip line, which features contoured cups and bottles easy for small hands to hold, according to the company.

“Through our market research, we have discovered that moms are tired of worrying about which plastic will be banned next and are increasingly concerned with how to safely get nutritional fluids into their children,” Munchkin Vice President of Marketing Doug Gillespie stated. “As confusion and concerns grow about plastics in baby bottles, we believe glass provides the safest, time-tested alternative for parents.”

Gillespie told the business journal that Munchkin decided to develop a collection of glass bottles last year after conducting extensive research and having strategic discussions about the potential of such a collection as sales of plastic baby bottle manufacturers declined due to the BPA controversy.

To spread the word about its new glass bottle collection, Munchkin will launch a sweeping advertising and promotion campaign.

“Munchkin expects to expand the brand’s exposure to more of the modern moms we currently reach with our product offerings across multiple categories,” Gillespie told the business journal.

Glass baby bottles have been around for ages, of course. But Munchkin will give the throwbacks a facelift of sorts by designing their 4-ounce and 8-ounce bottles with sleek lines, easy-to-grip sides and a vented nipple system to help prevent gas and colic. In addition, the brightly-colored silicone sleeve accessories (sold separately) will bring flair and function alike to the line by providing insulation and helping to prevent breakage, according to Munchkin.

Founded in 1991, Munchkin Inc. has a reputation for being innovative. The company developed the “White Hot” technology that allows parents to know if bathwater is too hot for children. Moreover, Munchkin has been granted more than 50 U.S. patents and has won more than 30 industry awards, including the Target Corporation Partner Award of Excellence in 2005. Munchkin products, including its new glass collection, can be found at more than 25,000 retail outlets worldwide.

Despite its reputation, Munchkin wasn’t immune from consumer concerns about BPA.

“Some consumers have called our customer service line to ask questions about different types of plastic in feeding items,” Gillespie told the business journal. “For consumer convenience, we also have a list of all of our feeding and pacifying items available online that highlights materials and whether the products are BPA free.”

Gillespie understands the concerns, citing them as the main reason Munchkin has developed its new collection.

“At Munchkin, we understand that a mom’s primary concern is the wellbeing of her child,” he stated. “It is our hope that with these pure glass bottles, parents will have confidence that whatever they put into the bottle is the only thing that will come out.”

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