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OCMI-OTG minimize glass manual handling with automatic loader ROBOGLASS

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Manual intervention of operators on glass could increase the risk of cosmetic defects on the finished products and the consequent rejection of a great number of containers.  


This is one of the reasons why customers more and more oriented to continuous efficiency and quality improvement are particularly sensitive about the developments finalized to reduce glass manual handling.

The automatic tube loader Roboglass by OCMI assures a continuous machine loading by replacing the previous manual operation made with rotating turret loaders. This device is equipped with a special tube supporting structure with grippers made in PVC material to avoid any mark on glass surface.

The automatic loading concept consist in loading any empty station of the forming machine by keeping one tube in pre-loading position while the previous one is being processed by the machine. Loading of glass tube is possible through a photocell installed in proper position detecting the presence of the glass tube in machine stations.

In the standard version, Roboglass working cycle is strictly connected with forming machine cycle but sometimes the two equipments must be kept independent from each other. Consequently the equipment can be developed with its own user-friendly and compact control panel like an independent equipment.

Adaptation of Roboglass to existing forming machines, equipped with their own loading device, requires a deep analysis of existing machine cycle made by OCMI electrical engineers. Finally the automatic loader is equipped with all emergency stop buttons and alarms guaranteeing the maximum safety of the operator.

The adaptation of the equipment according to customer's needs demonstrate once more the great flexibility offered by OCMI in all equipments supplied, particularly in optional devices for loading, packing and quality inspection systems. This is the case of the big contract recently signed with one of the biggest pharmaceutical glass groups in the world for a supply of automatic tube loaders Roboglass with the main purposes of optimization of manpower costs, reduction of manual handling of borosilicate glass tubes and increase of productivity.

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