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Trinity United Church's stained glass windows focus of Sunday sermon

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On the 151st anniversary of Trinity United Church in Charlottetown Sunday, the congregation was treated to the history of the building's stained glass windows. 

Instead of hearing from the minister, retired heritage consultant Reg Porter spoke about the church's "paintings in glass."

The first stained glass window was installed in 1885, despite it being a strict Methodist church.

"They weren't even allowed to have musical instruments, like an organ, to help with the hymn singing," said Porter.

"But they got caught up in the general Victorian movement, and by 1885, they had bought a small organ, and they had made the decision to fill the great big window that we see on Prince Street — the big west window — with a stained glass window made by a prestigious Toronto glassmaker named McCausland's. And that was the beginning."

Anonymous donation

One hundred years later, almost 40 stained glass windows had been added to the church.             

Porter has created a 75-page colour booklet on the windows.

"Instead of just putting in the most important windows, I included all of them, every one," he said.

Porter was going to make up just a few copies for the church tour guides, but an anonymous donation was made by a member of the congregation to allow for a wider printing.

"It was as if it was all divinely engineered somehow or other," said Porter.

The booklets are for sale and Porter says the church is interested in posting it to its website in the future.

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