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Investment, development, quality.

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On the industrial site of JSC "Novosibirsk plant" Ekran" (asset RATM Holding) have completed an investment program of modernization of production facilities: in just 53 days is spent full reconstruction of a glass melting furnace number 2, increasing its capacity by 80%.

Glass furnace number 2 launched on the eve of the professional holiday - the Day of the glass industry.


Implementation of the investment program was launched earlier this year. Recall that in February, the company completed the overhaul of the glass melting furnace number 5, for this purpose was sent to 120 million rubles. As a result, daily production has risen by 45 tons (255 to 300), and its service life extended by five years. Furnace number 2 was stopped in September, then dismantled and re-erected in fact, having equipped with modern technological and control equipment that, among other things, affect the improvement of energy efficiency parameters.


Almost 80% of the materials used - from Europe and China.


- The Russian manufacturers ordered metal and part of refractories - said General Director of JSC "Novosibirsk plant" Ekran "Paul Boboshik. - Features the latest inferior overseas, so domestic refractories not laid out areas subject to a maximum temperature load.


In the first half of 2016 to the second furnace will establish a line of colored glass containers - the special feeder from the manufacturer of world-class glass forming and inspection machines, which control the quality of container glass in automatic mode.


- Colouring feeder will minimize the time loss when transferring production from clear glass to color - says Paul Boboshik. - It will be painted not all molten glass in the melting chamber of the furnace but only the one that will be served in one of the feeder lines. This will produce relatively small batches of blue, green, olive, brown, purple and pink glass containers.


The remaining lines (there are three) the oven will produce colorless bottle. The performance of the industrial site "screen" to increase to 440 million units of glass per year.


After the "upgrade" the furnace number 2 will last 8-10 years. Investments in its reconstruction - which is about 500 million rubles - will be repaid in five and a half years, I'm sure Paul Boboshik. The confidence in his understanding - it is also the ability to take risks, in this case the investment. And even in the current economic situation it is justified.


- Demand for our glass containers stable - said Pavel Boboshik. - In the Novosibirsk region, the neighboring regions, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are several dozen manufacturers of beverages, including international companies. They, being the customers 'Screen', has appreciated the quality of the plant's products. However, according to a top manager, the problems with the customers the enterprise has never been, but the production capacity is not enough. With the launch of the furnace number 2 industrial site performance increase to 440 million units per year of container glass. For comparison: in 2014, "screen" issued 326.5 million units of glass.

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