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Caspian float glass plant has been over two years to produce high quality glass

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The solemn meeting devoted to the celebration of the launch of the Caspian float glass plant, which will be two years, took place on November 30 at the site of the enterprise, the press service of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment RD.

Its participants were the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment of the Republic of Yusup Umavov, general manager of Igor Kramer, executive director of the plant Abakar Mudunov, head of investment policy Minpromtorginvesta Madina Kaibova.


Preceding the meeting, Yusup Umavov congratulated the staff of the company and noted that the Caspian float glass plant is the flagship industry of Dagestan, and one of the largest producers of sheet glass by float in the south of Russia, secured high-tech technologies.


"You have launched the first phase of the project and the plant has long-term strategic plans to start work on the second phase of the project for the production of energy-saving and tinted glasses. The management of "Caspian float glass plant" focuses on long-term relationships that benefit all parties. It supports the image of the company, which inspires confidence and respect for enterprise customers and business partners. Your products are now in demand in the market and exported to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan.


I am sure that in the near future, the plant will expand your horizons with new export possibilities, "- said the Minister.


Chapter Minpromtorginvesta recalled that recently the company staff celebrate their professional holiday - Day of the glass industry. In this regard, for the hard work and high production figures diplomas of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment of the Republic of Dagestan were awarded the Chief of Administration Elmira Murtuzalieva, finance director and master Hafis Gafurov hot area Kebede Shagidaev.


"I sincerely congratulate you. Management and staff wish you success and prosperity in the achievement of these goals, innovative solutions and the implementation of all planned projects for the prosperity of your business "- summed up Umavov.


"Today we celebrate two years from the day when the plant produced its first products. Exactly two years ago came from the furnace our first glass, which reached a high-quality results, "- said General Director of Caspian float glass plant Igor Kramer.


During the event, a number of employees of the enterprise was awarded with diplomas and prizes KZLS.


Recall that the "Caspian float glass plant" - one of the most successful projects in the past decades in the country. The plant today provides about 400 jobs. The company's products, according to experts, high quality and in demand both in Russia and abroad.


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