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Steklarna Hrastnik Joins the European Elite

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Last week, Steklarna Hrastnik joined ELITE. London Stock Exchange Group’s international programme for ambitious high growth businesses.  The ELITE programme currently comprises over 320 companies assessed to have a high growth potential. For the duration of the programme, the core management of Steklarna Hrastnik will attend education seminars, but the programme will also serve as a launching pad for networking, obtaining new sources of financing and broadening the recognition of our glassworks.


Steklarna Hrastnik was included in the ELITE group of European companies thanks to its business results and sustainable principles of operation that enable the production of technically perfect, premium products from some of the world’s purest glass. The glassworks expects this year’s sales revenues to reach EUR 54.8 million, which is 16% more than last year, and the profit before tax to amount to EUR 7.1 million, which is a 62% increase compared to last year. Its customers include established global companies, brand owners, distributors and retail groups. When it comes to the global market of luxury bottles, Steklarna Hrastnik is seen as the best choice: made from some of the purest glass, its bottles are technically perfect and contribute to the added value of the end product. In the coming years, they are planning to increase their growth in this segment as well as to enter the segment of perfume and miniature bottles and cosmetic packaging in 2016. Andrej Bo?i?, General Manager of Steklarna Hrastnik, said on this occasion: "We are proud to have joined an elite group of companies. I see the ELITE programme as an opportunity and a challenge for the continued growth of our glassworks. We expect the programme to act as our partner on this journey, since it enables companies to access a variety of financing opportunities and sources. In addition, the programme also improves the recognition of companies, promotes relations and business opportunities with potential investors and supports the exchange of best practices."

20 new companies from all parts of Europe were accepted into the ELITE programme in December. Since its introduction in 2012, the ELITE programme has been joined by over 320 companies employing more than 120,000 people across Europe and operating in various fields, such as food, production and services. The Slovenian company Halcom joined the programme last year. To find out more about ELITE and the conditions for participation, visit London Stock Exchange Group website at http://www.lseg.com/elite.

Source: www.steklarna-hrastnik.siAuthor: shangyi

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