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Looking Glass Optometry Assists Pleasant Hill Clients in Protecting Vision From Negative Effects of Digital Devices and Blue Light

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PLEASANT HILL, Calif., Jan. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The professionals at Looking Glass Optometry are educating clients in the Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas about the potential perils of digital devices. Studies have shown many Americans rarely go a day without using a digital or mobile device. However, these electronics emit a dangerous blue light that can harm vision and overall health.


“The eyes require protection for ongoing health, and not just from the sun,” explains Dr. Eileen Cheng. “Measures should also be taken to guard against the potentially harmful effects of digital devices.” Dr. Kevin Dong adds, “Extended exposure to device screens can have two main health effects: eye strain and blue light exposure. We strive to educate our clients about the risks and solutions for both.”


Staring at a device screen causes blink rate to fall substantially, eventually leading to blurred vision. Digital eye strain can also manifest as dryness, runny eyes or tired eyes. If not addressed, these symptoms can become chronic. The simple act of blinking more while using digital devices can assist the eyes in staying lubricated. Staring at something around 20 feet away every 20 minutes for around 20 seconds can also assist the eye in “resetting” as distance vision is engaged. (This is referred to as the “20/20/20 Rule”.)


Blue light exposure is a more serious effect of daily or frequent use of digital devices. Blue light emanates from device screens and is at the highest wavelength of the visible light threshold. Blue light energy can actually penetrate through the natural filters of the eyes and into the back portion, causing vision issues or even permanent eye damage.


Blue light effects are cumulative and more serious than eye strain, eventually leading to diseases such as macular degeneration. Children can be at particular risk for these negative effects. The main issue is the sheer amount of blue light exposure most Americans are receiving – much more than before the popularity of mobile devices.


Protecting the eyes starts with limiting digital device usage, especially before bed. Using lenses that help filter blue light can also reduce exposure. These lenses have minimal visible tint and improve vision contrast, relaxing the eyes and bringing increased eye comfort. The professionals at Looking Glass Optometry can assist with blue light filtering lens selection and offer advice regarding lifestyle changes to improve eye health.


Looking Glass Optometry is located in the Valley Center Medical Building at 401 Gregory Lane, #110 in Pleasant Hill, CA. Dr. Eileen Cheng, Dr. Kevin Dong and their staff are knowledgeable, professional and experienced in assisting Pleasant Hill area clients with optimal eye care. More information about safe use of digital devices is available by calling (925) 687-7638 or by visiting the Looking Glass Optometry website.

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