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Full colour with EUROWHITE®NG

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Wall claddings made of glass were used in the new operating theatre at St. Josef's Hospital in Dortmund.  The choice fell on the highly transparent, extra-white EUROWHITE®NG from Euroglas, which was mounted directly on the walls as 10 mm-thick TSG, coated on the rear side. It is inherently colourless, making it an ideal carrier material for design ideas with appeal. Whether for surfaces, patterns or pictures – unlike simple float glass with its characteristic green hue, EUROWHITE®NG has no colour-changing effect.


Colourful room design in health-service buildings is gaining in importance, because colour has an effect! It can excite or calm and should be used with great care, especially in sensitive areas of use. The principle in operating theatres is that of a neutral working environment, while at the same time the so-called colour after-image phenomenon plays a decisive part. Looking at red for a long time results above all in a green-blue effect on vision after looking away. The eye first has to adapt to the actual ambient colours again. In order to suppress this after-image and thus to gain valuable time and improve powers of concentration, operating theatres are often decorated in a green or blue colour.

Neutral colour rendering with a neutral carrier material – wall cladding in the operating theatre with coated EUROWHITE®NG.

The wall colour chosen for the operating theatre at St. Josef's Hospital in Dortmund was a neutral, timeless pastel yellow with a restrained effect. However, the colour of the room light can be changed as desired to suit the respective situation by means of a 30 cm wide LED strip where the wall meets the ceiling. EUROWHITE®NG guarantees particularly neutral colour rendering here.

An LED strip where the wall meets the ceiling enables the room colour to be adapted as desired.

Glass is an ideal building material for medical applications where particularly high standards of hygiene and safety have to be met. Its smooth surface is extremely easy to clean and is resistant to most cleaning agents. In the 10 mm TSG version, EUROWHITE®NG also has a high mechanical and thermal resistance, which becomes apparent when drilling holes and making cut-outs in the glass.

Source: www.euroglas.comAuthor: shangyi

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