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The book "Heat and thermal performance furnaces"

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The book of Vladimir Jakovljevic Dzyuzera "Heat and thermal performance furnaces", textbook, 2nd edition, revised and enlarged. Benefit admitted Ural Branch UMO universities of the Russian Federation on education in the field of construction as a learning tool for students studying towards Bachelor and Master 'Construction' all forms of learning.

The training manual sets out the main provisions tehniche¬skoy thermodynamics and heat transfer, which are used in the study of thermal processes in the production of building materials and products. The features of the generation and use of heat in industrial furnaces. The design procedure of thermal performance furnaces and heat exchangers. Given a basis for calculating energy-efficient construction and lining of glass furnaces. Examples of applications solutions, reflecting different aspects of the operation of thermal furnace.


The manual is intended for undergraduate and masters students in the direction of "Building", as well as bachelor's and master's direction "Chemical technology" in the study subjects "Fundamentals of heat units", "Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Engineering", "Thermal processes in the manufacture of glass and enamel "and others. The book may be useful for engineering and technical staff of the glass industry.

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