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Glassworks "Interglass" will be disconnected from the gas supply because of debts

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"Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" was trying to resolve the issue in the pretrial order, and until recently supplied the blue fuel to ensure smooth operation of the enterprise. Glassworks "Interglass" because of the debt by more than a billion soms will be disconnected from the gas supply.

LLC "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" continues to struggle with unscrupulous consumers of natural gas. To date, the receivables are consumers of natural gas to the LLC "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" as at 01.01.16 amounted to 1.365 billion. Soms. Among the debtors LLC "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" largest debt on the principal debt for the gas supplied from the company "Interglass".


of principal debt for the gas supplied LLC "Interglass" to LLC "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" is on 698 300 000. soms. In addition, the total amount of fines exceeded 419.1 million. Som. Thus, the total debt of the LLC "Interglass" for gas on 01/02/16 is 1,117,400,000. Soms.


To date, the LLC "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" has not stopped trying to settle the matter out of court debt repayment LLC "Interglass" initiating and organizing direct talks and meetings with the debtor, however, effective measures for debt repayment by the LLC "Interglass" was taken.


Taking into account the social importance of the enterprise, as well as the features of the technological cycle of production of glass (the oven is operating in continuous mode) LLC "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" did not stop the supply of natural gas for the glass "Interglass" plant, in spite of all the grounds for it.


Delay in payment of the accumulated debt of the LLC "Interglass" jeopardizes calculations LLC "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan" with external suppliers of natural gas.


Source: The press service of "Gazprom Kyrgyzstan"

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