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euroTECH at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE from 16 to 19 March 2016 in Nuremberg

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At this year's FENSTERBAU FRONTALE trade fair for windows, doors and frontages in Nuremberg from 16 to 19 March, euroTECH is presenting handling systems and vacuum components.  On Stand 256 in Hall 3, visitors will be able to find out all about the eT-Hover series lifting devices, the eT-Lift series tube lifters and the eT-Gripper series suction boxes.

Whether you are handling bulky, heavy or extremely unwieldy loads such as wooden boards cut to different sizes, loosely stacked planks, glass panes, sheet metal or plastic components, boxes or items packed in plastic bags, the euroTECH vacuum-based handling systems can deal with virtually any material and a vast diversity of surfaces, even if they are corrugated, uneven, irregular, porous, soft or offer hardly any grip.

If a handling solution is to be productive, efficient, worth the investment in the long term and ergonomic for the operator into the bargain, then it is not just the vacuum technology that is decisive. It is also a case of applying extensive expert knowledge in industry, technology and materials to create complete integrated solutions that are a perfect fit with the process and operator requirements. The modular-design euroTECH handling systems meet those demands and embody ergonomic and healthy work processes that are gentle on the joints and non-fatiguing.

The euroTECH eT-Lift series tube lifts, for instance, can be adapted precisely to the required task by means of the appropriate accessories. They simplify work wherever objects such as boxes, containers, sacks, boards or glass panes need to be quickly, easily and ergonomically lifted, moved from one storage location to another, rotated, stacked or consigned for shipment.

With their new light alloy sections, the euroTECH eT-Gripper vacuum box lifters save around 30% in weight. They provide high holding power and offer an alternative to vacuum plates, flat suction cups or vacuum mats and can be used to implement not only automated portal handling solutions but also complex human-and-robot applications.

The modular-design euroTECH eT-Hover-allround is a versatile, handy and adaptable tool. With the appropriate accessories, the basic unit can be transformed into a custom solution for a wide variety of handling tasks. Horizontal and vertical lifting, pivoting, rotating through 360 degrees and combinations of those types of movement are achievable.

The modular-design expandable et-Hover-univac can cope with loads up to 700 kg. The optional radio remote control increases safety, while the rapid venting function simplifies and speeds up the process of setting down the object. This lifting device is suitable for lifting and moving large-surface loads made of wood, glass, stone, metal or plastic.

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euroTECH provides handling and transport solutions in the area of vacuum technology. The company develops customer-specific vacuum systems and components for automated handling tasks. The euroTECH modular construction system enables flexible adjustment of the components to the corresponding customer requirements and fast and cost-saving exchange of replacement parts.

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