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Company New plasma technologies developed an innovative technology to improve the wear resistance of optics

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The company "NTP" as coauthor MSTU. Bauman commissioned by Industry and Trade Ministry, has designed and manufactured vacuum electron beam melting plant, cutting, welding and sizing of glass processing.
The prospect of its application is related to the possibility of local control properties of the material in the zone of impact of the beam and increase the purity and precision manufacturing operations, including in the surface layers. Innovative Technology Ltd "NTP" allows you to weld to a depth of 5 mm at a speed of 1 cm / min both flat and tubular products.

Developed equipment and technology can find application in electronic, optical instrument industry and the manufacture of parts and assemblies of electronic and optical devices and optical electrovac of glass.

The most promising direction for further development of electron beam technology is the development of domestic technology and equipment additive (3D printer) on the basis of electron-beam methods, particularly for implantable medical devices, parts, aviation and space technology.

Another new development was the technology of the company improve the wear resistance of the optics used in the thermal imagers, night-guidance systems, high-power laser cutting. This technology was developed by order of the MSTU. NE Bauman.

Previously, the company has developed and successfully brought to market a unique technology to increase the strength of parts and tools by applying them nanostructured hard coatings.

Today Ltd "NTP" produces equipment for deposition of hardening coatings, and also provides services for applying such coatings on various parts and customer tools.

The company does wear-resistant coatings on cutting tools and carbide inserts, allowing the tool under extreme processing conditions and prolonging the service life under standard conditions more than 3 times. Application of nano-profile "NTP" in the small-size cutting tool increases the lifetime of an average of 3-6 times.

In 2015, the company signed a number of agreements on application to dental and surgical instruments strengthening coatings, excluding during invasive procedures, human tissue contact with the metal.

In addition to the above, the technical specialists of the company carry out the development of new coatings to customer's specifications to other parts, tools and products, including important parts of machines, subject to friction and parts of the fuel system of the diesel engine, hard-working under extreme pressures.

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