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EGlass Progressive Forehearth Heating Method

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The EGLASSTREK Patent Application is a consistent further development and is based on 10-years of experience with electrical heating of closed to the atmosphere E-glass forehearth using Mo- or Pt-electrodes. The invention, regarding PROGRESSIVE EGLASS FOREHEARTH HEATING METHOD (PEFH)© relates  to a process and a device from before in a furnace fluidly made glass for the production of E-Glass or C-Glass fibers, which exhibits a specific electrical resistance, which is higher than the specific electrical resistance of the heatproof dense CHROME OXIDE lining of the forehearth, whereby optionally at the beginning of the forehearth, at least a directly electrically heated platinum stirrer cell can be installed.

The electrical heating of the forehearth, with the molten glass in it, takes place via electrodes, which dive into the molten glass, whereby these are placed from above, through the heatproof dense CHROME OXIDE cover, which dived into the glass and is provided with a rectangular opening, which after immersing of the electrodes will be closed to the atmosphere by closing elements. By this arrangement it is guaranteed that short-circuit streams are avoided and the current flows as intended between the electrodes, if the conditions of below formula

Ρ1 l1 (2A1)-1 < Ρ1 l2A2-1 + Ρ2 l3 (2A3)-1 

are fulfilled.

Source: EGLASSTREK - Competence in EGLASS HeatingAuthor: shangyi

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