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Pyrotek Range of Products for Automotive Glass Manufacturing Designed to Improve Glass Quality and Operation Productivity

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Producing glass that is free of defects and inclusions is critical to the automotive glass manufacturing process. Pyrotek offers a range of products to help producers improve glass quality and reduce scrap and operating costs.   

Pyrotek has introduced a thermally resistant roller sleeve, made of XHKR 50 stainless steel fabric, for automotive glass manufacturers seeking to protect their products from being scratched by contaminants that fall on and cling to furnace rollers. 

The roller sleeve is designed to create a softer surface to roll on and reduce defects. The material also withstands high heat longer than similar products on the market. It resists breakage, tearing and becoming brittle longer at high temperatures than competitive materials. This leads to less downtime and labour costs.

Major automotive glass producers in Indonesia, Thailand, the Czech Republic, China, Japan and Italy are using the XHKR 50 stainless steel sleeves. Initial testing showed the sleeves last months compared to competitor sleeves, which typically last only a few weeks.

In addition to XHKR 50, Pyrotek offers a series of stainless steel fabrics designed for specific applications within flat glass and container glass processes.

Other performance-improving products Pyrotek offers include rollers, moulds and more. 


Pyrotek offers dense fused-silica furnace rollers manufactured using proprietary equipment and processes to produce the smoothest rollers available on the market. These rollers resist corrosion and conduct almost no furnace heat.Straight rolls, spiral rolls and rolls with or without end caps are available. Also available are glass-contact rollers with aluminium or steel hubs and set-screw locks, allowing for quick, easy repairs.


Pyrotek supplies bending moulds constructed of ceramic for automobile window production and other applications where hot glass is forced against a 3D shape to create curved glass. The related tooling can also be produced.

Mould coverings manufactured with 100 percent stainless-steel fabric are made for covering the male mould and metal framework within the automotive glass bending process. The fabrics are heat resistant up to 700°C (1292°F) and have shown abrasion resistance when used to bend or transfer hot glass. 


Pyrojacket® hollow sleeves and ribbon coverings for cables and hoses are available in several different inside diameters.  The sleeves can be directly applied to a cable or hose with the connectors or fittings removed, while the ribbon can be applied when connectors or fittings are intact.

The material can also serve as sheath for bundling of multiple wires or as an insulation covering to prevent heat loss from hot metal hoses and piping. Pyrojacket's high-temperature silicon-fibre coating withstands exposure up to 260°C (500°F), temperatures up to 1093°C (2000°F) for 15–20 minutes and up to 1649°C (3000°F) for 15–30 seconds.


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