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Glass Enterprises Must Concern Environmental Protection

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A few days ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released results of cases related to the issue of environmental protection. In Zhangshu city, Jiangxi province, 17 enterprises were evaluated as poor performance in environmental protection. One or two enterprises of this kind are also found in provinces such as Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Mongolia, Liaoning, etc.


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In these provinces, Jiangxi faced a maximum fine of RMB 897,600, which is 97,600 higher than the fine of Hebei province. And Jiangsu accepted the third largest fine of 700,300 after Jiangxi and Hebei. In addition of penalties, other punishments are suspending production for rectification and interviewing with some officials. Glass enterprises should keep a close watch on government policy and take precautionary measures in their process of manufacturing.


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